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Let's #collaborate4change , y'all.

The GoodSharing Network

About Us

The Goodsharing Network is a free community platform developed by Charleston GOOD, the Lowcountry's grassroots support and resource center serving everyone committed to making #charlestonsc a better place for everyone.

After years of hosting #goodsharing gatherings, we realized that our network was ready to invest in building an alternative online space that would better serve our collective community work.

The Goodsharing Network is that space come to fruition.

Why You Should Join Us

Like FB, this free platform features individual profiles with the capacity to connect and direct message friends, create groups and events, make and comment on posts, and tag and share content.

Unlike FB, there are no ads and no privacy concerns. Even better, there are no algorithms that limit the ability for you to see the content you want to see and for you to reach the people who want to be reached by you. In our opinion, the Goodsharing Network will help both individuals and organizations make better use of their time, energy, and resources for the good.

A Big Thanks

We'd like to thank everyone who has been working individually and collectively to improve our community. There is no ceiling on what we can accomplish together in Charleston.

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